The 4th Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory
October 17-19, 2011, Salerno - Amalfi Coast, Italy


Amalfi is one of the most beautiful cities in Campania (the yellow region on the map), a wonderful Southern Italian region offering many touristic attractions. Amalfi is located about 50Km south of Naples and 25Km north of Salerno. Amalfi is a quiet and picturesque seaside resort with a temperate climate and incomparable natural beauties. It has some of the oldest hotels in Italy as well as many modern ones.

Travel Infromation

You can reach Amalfi by car or by bus from Salerno or Naples.

Flight Connections

Closest International Airports are Rome Fiumicino and Naples Capodichino.
There is also a small airport in Salerno, but only few flights operate on it.

How to reach Naples

Alibus service provides direct connections from Naples Capodichino Airport to the railway station at Piazza Garibaldi. The ticket costs 3,00 Euro and are sold by the driver. To check the timetable click here.
You can also reach Naples by train from Rome.

How to reach Salerno

Direct buses connect Naples Capodichino Airport to Salerno.
From Monday to Saturday the service is provided by SITA (see here for timetable and fares).
On Sunday it is provided by Co.Sa.T.: the bus leaves at 08.45, 12.15, 16.15 and 19.45. Ticket is available on board and it costs 7,00 Euro. You can also reserve your seat by sending an email.

From Naples railway station you can reach Salerno by train or you can take a bus from the SITA bus stop in Via Galileo Ferraris (walking directions available here). The bus ticket is UNICO Campania ticket Fascia 5: you can buy it in the newspapers booth in the railway station. Notice that the ticket cannot be purchased on board and it is valid only if clipped on the yellow machine on the bus.

From Rome there are direct trains to Salerno.

Information about connections from Salerno airport to Salerno railway station are available here.

How to reach Amalfi

By Car

Coming from Roma or Naples, the easiest way is to take the exit "Vietri sul Mare" on the highway A3 from Naples to Salerno and then take the route "163 Amalfitana" by following the yellow signs "Costiera Amalfitana". Amalfi is about 18km far from the "Vietri sul Mare" exit.

Coming from Salerno, follow indications to "Vietri sul Mare" or "Amalfi".

By Bus from Naples

There is a bus service from Naples to Amalfi provided by SITA.
The bus takes 2 hours and costs 4.00 Euro. For this line you need a UNICO Campania ticket Fascia 5. You can buy tickets in the newspapers booth (see in the railway station, for example). Notice that the ticket cannot be purchased on board and it is valid only if clipped on the yellow machine on the bus.
The bus runs only on working days and leaves at 9.00, 14.15, 17.30. The most convenient bus stop is near the railway station in Via Galileo Ferraris (walking directions available here).

By Bus from Salerno

There is a bus service from Salerno to Amalfi provided by SITA.
You can take the bus to Amalfi just in front of the railway station. (see the map of the square). The bus trip takes about 70 minutes. You must purchase a "UNICO COSTIERA" ticket, which allows you to travel on the amalfitan coast (including Salerno and Amalfi). There are 4 types of UNICO COSTIERA tickets:
  1. UNICO COSTIERA, 45 minutes (cost: 2,40 Euro)
  2. UNICO COSTIERA, 90 minutes (cost: 3,60 Euro)
  3. UNICO COSTIERA, 1 day (cost: 7,20 Euro)
  4. UNICO COSTIERA, 3 day (cost: 18,00 Euro)
For a single journey, the best option is the 90-minute ticket. DON'T buy the UNICO CAMPANIA ticket. You can buy tickets where you find the SITA logo. The places nearest to the bus stop are:
  1. The newspaper shop inside the railways station.
  2. Bar Cioffi, Corso Garibaldi 134
  3. Autoservizi Maggiore, Corso Garibaldi 106
To see the timetable click here.

Hotels in Amalfi

The following is a list of hotels that offer special price to partecipants at SAGT 2011.
All the hotels are walking distance from the conference venue.
To obtain the special rate please sent an email to the hotel, mentioning "Convegno SAGT".
The international dialing code for Italy is 39. To call one of the number below reported, call +39-Phone-Number

Class Hotel Email Phone
**** Hotel Residence Amalfi 089871183
*** Antica Repubblica 0898736584
*** Hotel Floridiana 0898736373
*** L'Antico Convitto 089871849
*** Residenza Luce 089871537
B&B Sharon House 089873576

There are other hotels in Amalfi. The following list is intended only as reference to help you in choosing your accomodation. There are no special deals between these hotels and SAGT.
Amalfi is a very popular place for vacation, so reserve your hotel as soon as possible.

Class Name Email Phone
***** Il Saraceno 089831148
***** Santa Caterina 089871012
**** Excelsior 089830255
**** Luna 089871002
**** Marina Riviera 089871104
**** Miramalfi 089871588
*** Amalfi 089872440
*** Aurora 089871209
*** Centrale 089872608
*** Dei Cavalieri 089831333
*** Il Nido 089871148
*** Bellevue 089831349
*** La Bussola 089871533
*** Piccolo Paradiso 089873001
*** Residence Caprice 0899840125
*** Residenza Del Duca 0898736365
*** Villa Anna Lara 089871147
*** Villa Lara 0898736358
*** Fontana 089871530
*** Lido Mare 089871332
*** Hotel La Ninfa 089831127
*** Villa Felice 089831946
** Sant'Andrea 089871145
** La Conchiglia   089871856
** Le Petite Iconnue   089831308
* Proto   089871003